ROAD MECHANIC  Lawn Mower Repair

Repairs on all makes and models of non-commercial lawn mowers

Lakeland Florida


 Service Area Map 

Mobile Repair Hours for 2017

Monday - Friday

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Arrival time for the the last service call of the day is 1:00

Saturday & Sunday

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Closed Holidays

Service Calls

Service call are scheduled by appointment within three days

Arrival times are scheduled within a two hour window   

No emergency (same day) service calls are scheduled

863 286 1829

No Trip Charges

No travel charges or trip fees within our service area

 Service Area 

Diagnostic Charge

Diagnostic charge applies to all lawn mowers inspected

Diagnostic or troubleshooting labor rate is $40.00 an hour billed in 1/4 hour increments

863 286 1829

Labor Rate as of 5/2017

Repair Labor Rates


We do have a $45.00 minimum service call labor charge

 Labor Charges Page 

After the diagnosis or inspection you will receive an Itemized written quote for your approval. 

Quotes are based on a repair labor rate of $60.00 an hour quoted in 15 minute increments.

Declined Repair

Declined, postponed or if you decide to complete the repair yourself you are charged the $45.00 minimum labor charge

Payment is due on completion of the written quote

Lawn Mower Repairs

863 286 1829 

New Lawn Mower Owners refer to your owner's manual for the engine manufactures first recommend oil change, (usually within a few hours of use). Even if do your own maintenance, no receipts may cause engine warranty issues.

The following tips are not a guarantee your equipment will not break down, but is intended to help you avoid unnecessary breakdowns and repairs.

MAINTENANCE TIP #1  Fuel Stabilizer

Our #1 service call is gummed up carburetors due to bad fuel 

Gas breaks down after 3 months and will leave a varnish like coating in your carburetor and fuel system

Common problems are not starting or starting and stalling

Adding a fuel stabilizer in your gas container or equipment will preserve the fuel up to a year

Fuel stabilizer can be purchased at any home improvement or auto parts store

Note: add fuel stabilizer to fresh fuel only. 


Weak or dead batteries that need to be charged or jumped started on a regular basis will eventually cause electrical components failure.

Common component failure starter motors, starter solenoids, blown fuses and on rare occasions key switch failure.


Push & self propelled mower blades

Blade inspection is essential on push mowers, more so then on riding mowers.

A bent, damaged or unbalanced mower blade is the most common cause of push mower vibrations, cracked decks or premature engine failure 

MOWER MAINTENANCE TIP #4  Riding Mower Blades

Lawn tractors & Zero turn mowers 

Bent, damaged or chipped blades will cause a deck vibration that may not be noticeable. 

Vibration will cause the deck components including the belt(s) to wear out prematurely

Note: mower leaving strips of uncut grass, blade ends are worn or bent 


Changing the engine oil in a small engine seasonally is extremely important even if the oil still looks golden in color

Fresh engine oil not only lubricates but helps cool the engine

Check your engine oil during the season not only for the level but the color. If the oil is, or turns dark black it should be changed immediately

MOWER MAINTENANCE TIP #6  Cleaning Riding Mowers

Highly recommend using compressed air or a leaf blower to clean off your riding mower after each use.

The most common problems encountered from hosing down a riding mower after each use is electrical shorts and rusted spindle bearings 

Note: To prevent rust related problems, your lawn mower should to be stored dry

Utility Trailer #7  Wheel Bearings

The most overlooked and the number one roadside breakdowns of utility trailers are worn or dry wheel bearings.

Wheel bearings should be check or repacked every few years, more often if used on a regular basis.